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641 6TH ROOF-25.jpg

641 6TH. AVE

Originally constructed in 1987, the former Simpson Crawford Department Store has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, emerging today as an architectural gem, seamlessly melding historical grandeur with contemporary sustainability. In the heart of New York City, this special place proudly hosts the city's top sustainable project, demonstrating their dedication to the environment.

With a design philosophy that blends timeless elegance and innovative touches, the renovated space greets visitors with a sense of refined luxury. As guests enter the lobby at 641 6th Avenue, they are surrounded by subtly illuminated architectural surfaces and intricate decorative elements, creating a peaceful haven amidst the vibrant energy of the city.

Location: New York City

Type: Corporate Amenity

Completed: 2023

Architect: Studios Architecture

Photographer: Tom Minieri

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