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Soaring 1,018 feet above the center of downtown Los Angeles, the US Bank Tower stands as a central anchor for financial institutions, prominent law firms and technology companies. Silverstein Properties infused $60 million dollars of capital improvement into a "tenant-exclusive lifestyle and wellness" focused renovation. The SEED worked closely with Silverstein Properties, A+I (54th Floor) and Jeffrey Beers International (lobby) to re-design a hospitality inspired experience exclusive to the tenants of the building. Drawing from the Southern California lifestyle and surroundings, the design includes warm, integrated lighting and decorative fixtures with natural finishes for an emphasis on prioritizing the sweeping views of the surrounding vista were at the core of the design.

Client: Silverstein Properties

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Hospitality

Completed: 2023

Architect: A + I (54th Floor), Jeffrey Beers International (Lobby)

Photographer: Magda Biernet (54th Floor), Silverstein Properties (Lobby)
Press: LA Times, Juniper Design, Spectrum News

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