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InSitu - June 2024

New Public Art Project Feature + Playlist

Public Art Project Feature: "Field of Histories"

The SEED was honored to collaborate on the lighting design for Field of Histories, a new permanent public art project in the Glass City Metropark in Toledo, Ohio. This project, designed by Bryony Roberts Studio, celebrates the rich histories of the Glass City.


The SEED's Summer Playlist
A sampling of what we have on repeat in the office this summer!

2_Bryony Roberts_Field of Histories_Night_horizontal_people copy.jpg

InSitu - May 2024

New Project Feature + Recipe Share

Project Feature: "641 6th Ave. New York"

Originally constructed in 1987, the former Simpson Crawford Department Store has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, emerging today as an architectural gem, seamlessly melding historical grandeur with contemporary sustainability...


Healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies

A SEED Team favorite recipe share from Lindsey Dieter!

641 6TH-17.jpg

InSitu - April 2024

New Project Feature, Happy Birthday Eric, Music Share

Project Feature: "Saint Ann's School"

The new Saint Ann's Computer Lab was designed to foster education, collaboration, and exploration...

Happy Birthday Eric Dieter!

Sending our warmest wishes to Eric Dieter (Lindsey's Dad) on his birthday! Eric willingly offers us valuable insight and advice that prioritizes people and business equally.

Team Feature - Music Share

This month's music share is brought to you by our very own Simon Schadler and his band's new record. They are on tour from 4/23 - 5/5.


InSitu - March 2024

In conversation with Mattaforma + Team Member Feature


Sustainable materials and the next generation of buildings

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mattaforma founding partner, Lindsey Wikstrom to learn more about her research on sustainable materials and applications of mass timber in design.

Team Feature - Yoni Remacka

Celebrating SEED's Lighting Design Intern, Yoni Remacka's Parsons MFA Lighting and Interior Design Project Work

We Moved!

588 Broadway, Suite 703

New York, NY 10012


InSitu - February 2024

Sustainability in Lighting Design, New Team Members and the US Bank Tower in LA


Article by Lindsey Dieter, The SEED

Leading the charge in sustainable lighting fixtures, we sat down with NY based manufacturer, Stickbulb, to talk about their impactful design approach and process.

We are excited to welcome Zhenyu Ye to The SEED!

Project Feature: "US Bank Tower"

Warm, integrated lighting and decorative fixtures with natural finishes emphasize the sweeping views of the surrounding vista...

SB_04_(Photography by Will Ellis) (1).jpg

InSitu - January 2024

Unveiling Moments, Milestones, Memories, and the Science of Materials That Ignite Our Curiosity

2023 Wrap Up Video

Video by Simon Schadler, The SEED

"2024 Musings"

January's Mood: Exploring the Fusion of Materials, Light, and Dynamic 3D Fabrications

"Natural Surfaces"

by Udo Kuppers

An interesting article that explores the relationship of life forms across all scales and architecture.


InSitu - November 2023

On Daylight Savings + New Project Features + New Team Members

Project Feature: "The Lafayette Office"

A sun-drenched Soho workspace...

"The Daylight Savings Time Debate"

by Lindsey Dieter, The SEED

A discussion surrounding the impact of daylight savings time and a look into the origins of the concept.

We are honored to welcome Sabrina Amhama to The SEED!

SEED's Holiday Playlist

199 Lafayette St_ 7th Fl-1.jpg

InSitu - October 2023

Halloween Lighting Design Fright

We thought we'd take the opportunity this Halloween Season to do something somewhat controversial and train your eyes, our faithful readers, on how the lighting you pass by every day could be done just a little bit better.

Image_20231023_093351_115 copy.jpg

InSitu - August 2023

Celebrating The SEED's 5th Birthday

We sat down with Golsana Heshmati, our studio's founder, to reflect on the last five years with The SEED; sharing accomplishments, lessons learned, and the best that is yet to come!


InSitu - June 2023

On Lighting Design and Climate Change + New Team Members

"Lighting Design and Climate Change"

by Lindsey Dieter, The SEED

In response to the Canadian wildfires, we dive into the role that lighting design plays alongside the ongoing climate change crisis and how we, as designers, can work to avoid further damage to the earth.

"From Ocean Plastic to Luminous Pendants"

A collection by Light Art

Lighting made entirely from recycled plastics found in the ocean.

We are excited to welcome Yoni Remacka to The SEED!


InSitu - May 2023

On Cultural Practices in Lighting Design, New Project Features, and New Team Members

Galaxy Digital Headquarters (collaboration with Young Projects) published in Architectural Record Magazine

"Cultural Practices in Lighting Design"

by Simon Schadler, The SEED

Are/were you a Lighting Designer? Please click here for a short survey on Cultural Practices in Lighting Design

We are honored to welcome Yuliya De la Calle to The SEED!


InSitu - April 2023

Celebrating a Top 40 under 40 Award, Project Feature and the arrival of spring

"Celebrating Top 40 Under 40"

We are proud and honored to have our Design Director, Lindsey Dieter, recognized as one of the top 40 under 40 lighting designers from across the globe.

Project Feature: 1307 NY Ave / The Herald

The SEED's Spring 2023 Playlist


InSitu - March 2023

On effects of lighting on wellbeing, environmental justice and equity

"TURN OFF The Bright Lights"

A look into what we as a society can do in regular practices in order to benefit the wellbeing of humans and the environment. The fragile balance of light and dark is explored further as humans continue to use light in unnecessary, harmful extremes that tend to disregard the need for and benefits of natural light.

by Aida Miron for The SEED


InSitu - Feburary 2023

Custom Lighting Design + Promotions and New Team Members

"The Selby Custom Chandelier"

We worked with Lusive Lighting to create a delicate first impression upon entry to the building

Custom Lighting Design with The SEED

Video by Simon Schadler, The SEED

"Celebrating Promotions + New Team Members"

Simon Schadler promoted to Lighting Designer

Sarah Gentile joins The SEED as a full time Lighting Designer


InSitu - November 2022

In celebration of the Argo Contemporary Art Museum

"Argo Contemporary Art Museum wins Dezeen Awards"

Argo wins the 'Cultural Building of the Year (2022) and the Architecture Project of the Year (2022)

"Argo contemporary Art Museum wins "The AGA Khan Award for Architecture"


InSitu - October 2022

On the science of light for animal welfare and wildlife conservation

"The Zoological Lighting Institute: Mission and Zala Monitoring"

Insights into how lighting affects animals' behavioral/mental health and how it can be used as a tool to study the biology of animals further. A look into the ZLI's goals.

by James Carl Fischer, The Zoological Lighting Institute

The SEED's Fall Playlist 2022


Woman, Life, Freedom زن، زندگی، آزادی

On the recent protests in Iran

We stand in strong solidarity with all the brave people in Iran who are risking their lives to fight for woemn's rights and freedom. #mahsaamini


InSitu - August 2022

On sensory processing differences

"Safety or Surveillance"

A look into the decisions made when considering urban lighting and why it is important to take the myriad sensory differences people might experience into account when doing so.

by Yalda Heshmati, NYU

"What is neurodiversity? How can lighting designers ensure neurodiversity is considered in their work?"

by Deanna Fitzgerald

insitu aug.jpg

InSitu - July 2022

The Light in our Homes + SEED Summer Playlist

"The Light in Our Homes"

The first in a series addressing lighting for the home

by Ilo Tarrant, The SEED

We want to hear about your home lighting experience!

Complete our survey on the home lighting experience for a chance to win a 1-hour home lighting design consultation with The SEED

The SEED's Summer Playlist 2022


InSitu - June 2022

Developing new means of representing processes

"La Maison d'Omid (The House of Hope)"

Our collaboration with Atelier Shaa to create a sustainable and impactful residence that pays respect the surrounding site.

by Golsana Heshmati, The SEED

"Mapping Critical Zones"

An analysis of the publication "TERRA FORMA" by Alexandra Arenes, Frederique Ait-Touati and Axelle Gregoire. The text seeks to understand the complexity of landscapes as well as humans' impact on the earth's critical zone through myriad collaborative methods.

by Aida Miron, The SEED


InSitu - May 2022

On sustainability & post-travel reflections

"A view of Climate Change from the Arctic Tundra"

An analysis of Dorte Mandrup's design philosophy through the film "Another Kind of Knowledge" and how her practice sensibly approaches sustainability

by Aida Miron, The SEED

"Musings from the forest"

Reflections from recent travels to Northern Iran

by Golsana Heshmati, The SEED


InSitu - March 2022

Marking Women's History Month

"Progress and Practice"

A conversation with Lindsay Harkema (W.I.P Collective)

by Ilo Tarrant, The SEED

We look at the works of Toshiko Mori: The Interweaving of Light and Material, an Atmospheric architecture of Experience and Social Responsibility

by Aida Miron, The SEED

WIP Group Photo_Nov 2021.jpg

InSitu - February 2022

Colors in Between + our Spring Playlist

In Conversation with Raquel Rosildete

The pioneer of the work "Colors in Between"

by Ilo Tarrant, The SEED

Check out The SEED's Spring Playlist

A sampling of what we listen to in The SEED studio


InSitu - January 2022

Musings + New Team Members

Monthly Musings

Mood and musings for the month of February

Combinations of material, light, and a little "cin cin"

Introducing Ilo Tarrant to The SEED!

Light and Materials

by Marietta Millet

Material and Light Mood Board.jpg

SEED- 2021 Wrap Up

Watch our year in review video

Thank you for growing with us in 2021!

Cheers and Gratitude,

Golsana, Lindsey, Quincy, Simon, Aida, and Ilo

Instagram Collage2.jpg

InSitu - December 2021

New Projects + Team Members

We are excited to share one of our favorite projects completed in 2020: Argo Factory: Contemporary Art Museum & Cultural Centre

Introducing Aida Miron to The SEED!

Lessons from the podcast 'Sustainable Lighting Design':

with Isabel Villar & Maha Shalaby

A synopsis by Aida Miron


InSitu - October 2021

New Projects + Team Members

We are excited to share, the recently completed project, The Herald, in collaboration with STUDIOS Architecture

Introducing Simon Schadler to The SEED!


InSitu - September 2021

New Projects + Team Members

We are excited to share, the recently completed project, 545 Madison Lobby, in collaboration with STUDIOS Architecture

Introducing Quincy Drane to The SEED!


InSitu - June 2021

Fundamentals of Lighting

Introducing The SEED "Lighting Fundamentals: Pocket Guide"

PERCEPTION - Factors of Visibility

Learn about the factors that affect our perception of the world around us.

Dwelling in Light: Tactile, emotive, and life enhancing life.

Juhani Pallasmaa reflects on the miracles that light and shadow perform in architecture and art to enhance the lives of humans


InSitu - May 2021

Work From Home Lighting Tips + SEED Playlist

SEED SERIES: Light and Health - 03. Work From Home

WORK FROM HOME - Lighting Tips!

A series of illustrations which demonstrates ways in which to improve the way your environment is being illuminated when working from home

The SEED Playlist - May


InSitu - April 2021

Human Centric Lighting + Natural Light + SEED Playlist

SEED SERIES: Light and Health - 02. Human Centric Lighting


SEED Senior Designer Naghmeh HZ explores the relationship between natural and artificial light through sketches

The SEED Playlist - Spring


InSitu - March 2021

Circadian Rhythm + New Projects + Recent Travels

SEED SERIES: Light and Health - 01. Circadian Rhythm


An 1830s Church building in Sag Harbor NY, was transformed into a community arts center in collaboration with Skolnick Architects


Project Worldwide defines a new hub in NYC, in collaboration with STUDIOS Architecture.

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