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When we first entered the penthouse at 199 Lafayette Street, echoes of 19th-century industrial history reverberated through the space. Towering wooden columns and expansive skylights whispered tales of its past life as a textile production factory. Working closely with by The Studio and Leveratto Architecture Group, The Lafayette Office was re-born as the corporate apartment we all dream of working (or living) in. Upon entering, you are greeted by an intimate vestibule, purposefully compact, bathed in the gentle glow of illuminated foliage and art. By day, natural light pours in through the skylights, and by night, the skylights are up-lit by discreet white track lights, creating luminous volumes in the night sky. Sinking into a plush boucle sofa, you are enveloped in the soft perimeter glow through fluted glass doors, round stone sconces and "moonlit" reflections cast by focused lighting through the trees. Elegance, simplicity, and layers of light were at the core of our design approach.

Client: Confidential Tech Company

Location: New York City

Type: Corporate

Completed: 2023

Interior Design: by the STUDIO

Architect: Leveratto Architecture Group

Photographer: Allyson Lubow Photography

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